Friday, April 17, 2009

More London

Here are some more pictures of our trip. Also it turns out that Easter Weekend is not the best time to go to London. I guess everybody in Europe was on there Spring Break and then there was also a Bank Holiday so everywhere we went there were tons of people. We were lucky in that we didn't really have to wait in long lines.
Another Classic Picture
St. Paul's Cathedral

This is at the Tower of London. We did get to see the Crown Jewels. They were really neat since they were the actual Jewels.

This was on our River Boat Ride, It was fun.

This is the London Eye, you can see everything for miles in it when the sky is clear.

This is inside our first trip in the London Eye you can see the capsules we were in. As you can see it was still cloudy so you couldn't see to far.

This was our 2nd Trip (we actually got 2 free tickets from our river boat tour) as you can see the sky was actually blue so you could see alot better.

Me in the London Eye you can see Parliament and Big Ben
More pictures to come

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