Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I had to add this last pictures from the trip. Yes, Doug is giving Lori a Piggy Back Ride. It was pretty funny.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Mediterranean Cruise

Sorry it took me so long to put this post together, I have been too busy learning Spanish. We just bought the Rosetta Stone program to learn Spanish. So I have been a little hooked on that. The cruise was great below are some pictures from the trip. It is amazing to me though how long it takes my body to adjust back from being overseas. I still don't feel 100% and it has been a full week. We had a really good time and we got to see a lot of different things. One thing about a cruise is that you get to see alot but it is just a taste. You only get to see a little bit in each city.

This is the Cruise Ship - The Norwegian Gem - One of the largest we saw.

Our 1st Stop was Malta and we went on a little boat ride, in this picture you can see the front of the little boat and then Malt in the background.

Another picture from the Little Boat.

Another picture of Malta from the little Boat.

This was the inside of the church we stopped at in Malt.

Our last stop in Malta was a Palace that the Family still lives in and gives tours. This was there Dining Room. It was need to see there house.

Our Second stop was Naples so we went to Pompeii. I was amazed that this much of a structure was still there.

This is one of the Casts they made of a person. They said that when they were excavating they would poke the ground and when they came upon an air pocket they filled it with plaster and then removed it and this is one of those. The Bones are still there you can even see the teeth in some of them.

Another Pompeii Picture

This is one of the main Streets in Pompeii, you see how there is like a little side walk that is because no one actually walked in the street since that is where the sewage flowed down to the sea.
Another Pompeii Picture

After Pompeii we drove to Serrento so this is picture from the drive it is a really pretty place.

This is a picture we took while we were waiting in Serrento

We then took a boat ride to the island of Capri so this is a picture I think of the coast at Serrento

This is a picture when we were at the Island of Capri. It would be a fun place to come back to.

The Wolfe Family at an overlook at Capri
The 3rd stop was the closest port to Rome (it is about 1-1/2 hours away from the port) so this is a picture inside the Vatican Museum

Another picture inside the Vatican

One of the Famous Sculptures inside the Vatican

A picture inside the Sistine Chapel. You are not supposed to take pictures inside the Sistine Chapel and last time we were there guards were watching and yelling a people to not take pictures but this time there were no guards and so basically everyone was taking pictures. Our tour guide got really mad when someone from the group was taking a picture and she said you are not supposed to take picture and they responded well everyone else is.
This is one the of Popes in Saint Peter's Basilica

This is one to the mosaics in St. Peter's Basilica, it is amazing that this is just a bunch of little stones put together. The first time we went through the Basilica we just though they were painting but then our tour guide told us this time they are actually mosaics.

A picture of St. Peter's Basilica
We did also see the Coliseum when we were there, we didn't have much time though we pretty much just walked down to it and back to the bus.

Our 4th Stop was Florence (also about 1-1/2 hours from the port). This is one of the Cathedrals there it took 15o years to build because all of the outside is covered in marble. It is a combination of with, red, green marble. It was really neat to see the picture does not do it justice.
This is a Hog Fountain that if you put a coin in his mouth and make a wish it will come true?

This is a picture of the David statue that Doug Took, What do you think of the angle? I thought it was a funny picture. This is not the real statue of David, that is in one of the museums.

Our last stop of the Florence day was the Leaning Tower of Pisa. I did not realize the Leaning Tower of Pisa is actually the Bell Tower for a Cathedral, did you know that? So this is a picture of the Baptismal, Cathedral and then the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Me and Doug with the Tower

Just a funny Tower Picture

Another Funny Tower Picture

Our 5th Stop was Nice so we just saw a little bit of the town and went to a flower market this was a funny statue there.

After Nice we drove to Monaco and this was a pit stop we made it was a really pretty view. This whole area was very nice.

This is a view from From Monaco

This is a view of Monte Carlo, really nice area but extremely expensive.

This is the Monte Carlo Casino, the area was really nice we saw all types of expensive cars, Bentley's, Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, etc.
This was a Funny Statue in Monte Carlo
Our last stop was Barcelona where we got on and got off the cruise. For our last excursion we went to a Monastery out side of Barcelona. It is towards the top of a mountain so the drive was very pretty but this is a picture of the Monastery from a little Train thing we took up the Mountain Further.
In the very background of this picture you can see the little train cars going up and down the Mountain that is what we rode to get up higher.
This is a view from the top of the Mountain. I always love being at the top of a mountain.
This is a picture from the Monastery.

This is a picture of the Cathedral there.

After that we went to a few things in Barcelona so this is the Gaudy Cathedral, he did not finish it so this picture is the original part and the below picture is the new part that they are finishing. It was neat to see the contrast but yet still fit together well.

This is inside another Cathedral in Barcelona. After that we just walked around the town some. I would like to go back to Barcelona it seemed like a nice city.
That was the trip we had a really great time and it was fun to see all of the different places.