Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AB on the plane on our daddy/daughter trip to go see aunt Brianne in Reno

Yes, both AB and I can fit in an airplane bathroom. No, neither of us were happy about it.

On top of great cars the National Automobile Muesum was the one place that had a stroller I could borrow. Two points Reno.

I know all DeLorean's are solid gold, but this one really was.

Reno might not be the go to spot for vacationing with a 3 year old, but AB and I had a good time.

AB wasn't thrilled when she asked, "Can I play the games!?!" and I explained slot machines weren't for kids. Apparently no under 3 plays for free rules in Reno.

Sierra Safari Zoo

Perhaps the most unique zoo setting I've seen

Dreams AND mythical animals come true in Reno!

AB took some time to take in some art

AB and I hanging out at the "free speech area" and letting people know what we think of them as they walked by.

Annabelle wanted her picture with this wolf.

This place takes in animals that are orphaned, injured, listed on Craig's List (not a joke), etc. So, if you run over a critter near Reno give them a call.

Annabelle had a good time at "The Discovery"