Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zions Family Trip

Here are some pictures from the Martin Family Trip in Zions. Here is a picture of everyone who came. We all when on a "hike" (more like a walk) with the kids.

A picture of the 3 babies born this year

Aren't they cute

Here is a picture of all the Martin Grandkids

Below are some pictures of the "hike" we all took with the kids
Doug, Jeff, Jerry and Derek all went on the Subway Hike.

Below are a few pictures of a short walk we took by the cabin as you can see in the next picture Max didn't make it very long.

On this walk we ran into a rattlesnake that had just killed a mouse. You can see the mouse right next to the snake. Doug did kill it.

Below is a picture from the Hike me, Doug and Jerry took on Saturday.

We did get close to two little owls you can see them in the background. Jerry got just 2 feet away from them.

Below are some picture at the cabin.