Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sydney Australia Trip

We just got back from our trip to Sydney Australia. We were there for a week the weather was around 75 degrees. That was so nice considering it is around 30 degrees in Colorado. The 14 hour flight from California actually was not that bad. We slept half the time, watched some movies and read. We were actually able to have Thanksgiving dinner at Heathers before we flew out which was nice. Below are some of the pictures from our trip.

The next series of pictures are at the Blue Mountains. This is the mountain range about 2 hours out side of Sydney. It was really pretty there. The town we went to made it really easy to get to some walks with great views.

In the picture below the 3 point are called the 3 sisters

In the picture below was the jet boat ride we took, they drove around the bay and did some spin tricks and of course got us wet, it was pretty fun. We got a City Pass for Sydney and this is on of the things on that pass. We probably would not have done this if we didn't have the pass.

The next two pictures are of the Manly beach area. This was a nice beach area but we didn't swim here because they had no lockers to put our stiff in. We did not want to risk our stuff getting stolen.

The next two pictures are just of the Sydney area

The picture below is another boat tour that we got on our passes. This was also a jet boat that toured around the bay and then went pretty fast on the way back

There were a ton of sail boats in the Sydney bay. It was fairly windy in Sydney which kind of surprised me. Every afternoon there was always wind.

The next two pictures are at the Chinese garden. It was pretty typical but very nice. They said all of the plants did originally come from China

The next three pictures are of the Maritime Museum and we toured the submarine and boat

The next three pictures are at the Stadium used in the 2000 Summer Olympics the podium is the actual podium used in the Olympics

The next several pictures are at the Featherdale Wildlife park it was a little way out of town. Here they have some open space for the animals to just roam around an area. We could go up to them and pet the animals.
The funny thing about this picture is that in the Wildlife park in Sydney they would have charge us $20.00 to take a picture with a koala bear. At this one we could just go up to them. They sleep around 20 hours a day so the workers bring them out only when they are awake.
The three pictures below is feeding time for the Crocodile. They feed him just a bit of a rabbit. Jerry below is your action shot. So they teased him some to show him jumping out of the water and then they let him have the piece.

The next two pictures are from the Tower they have at night. It was a lot like the Seattle space needle.

Just a picture of the city

Australia used to be a place where prisoners were sent to live. They called the place the Rocks this is the foundation were people would have lived. Really small rooms.
This is Sydney famous bridge. We did the Bridge Climb where you climb to the top of the bridge
This is a picture of some people at the top of the bridge where we were as well
They don't allow you to take your camera on the climb so this is us before, how do you like the outfits?
They give you on complimentary group picture. They took a lot of picture of just me and Doug but they wanted $25.00 just for one shot. We choose not to get one. So you can see who did the climb with us

Of course the Sydney Opera House, we did go on the tour and so the next pictures are in the building

This one is the Orchestra Theater which is actually larger than the Opera Theater. The entire ceiling is make of wood that was amazing to me.

This picture is of Bondi Beach. This is a very popular beach as you can see. We actully went there part of 2 days and swam in the Ocean.

This day was a bit hazy because there was a small dust storm but you can see the Opra house and the bridge together.
The next three pictures are from the Aquarim they have a large room that you could walk through glass tubes to see the animals.

This guy is playing music of the Aborigonals there were origonally there. They were at the main Harbor everyday.

This is the enterance of there theme park. I thought the face was a bit creepy.

Below are just some pictures of the city