Sunday, September 17, 2017

Brianne showing that she can indeed hold Linley more awkwardly than I could possibly imagine

Linley would not do this ride again (some additional daddy/daughter SLC stuff courtesy of Brianne)

Linley wanted to show Brianne how she could slide

Linley wanted to "fly" under the UT capital dome

Linley and Brett howling like wolves/Wolfe's

Linley wanted to have a horse race

Annabelle the artist

Julie and Annabelle went horseback riding in RMNP while Doug and Linley went to SLC

Annabelle won the dice game at Skate City

Lake Blanche

The UT state fair butter cow

Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

Linley having a great time the big Mormon conference center

Linley got a little pictured out at times

SLC trolley tour

First Presbyterian Church

Cathedral of the Madeleine

Utah state capital

Linley hiding in the UT capital

Overheard little girl questions to LR: Is your favorite color glitter? Do you like rainbows?

Linley spending time with her cousins

Linley did not want any security line pictures on the way back